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Neck of the Woods - Instagram (Copy, Scheduling, Posting, Strategy)

Problem - inconsistent posting schedule, lack of brand voice.

Strategy - created consistent posting schedule based on audience's peak online times. developed brand voice appealing to company's male audience demographic. created relevant industry/audience hashtag strategy.

Solution/results - increased reach, engagement, website clicks, and following in 15 days.

Sequoya Dakota - Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest, Facebook

develop, manage, and maintain social media presence across multiple platforms.

  • educate and inform about wellness practices; yoga, meditation, self-care, self-love

  • promote and share wellness enthusiasts, curating an online community of #wellnessomies

  • plan, create, and schedule tweets (Buffer, Twitter Dashboard)

  • increase monthly following on all social platforms

  • curate visual aesthetic - Instagram

Sequoya Dakota social media platforms: InstagramTwitterPinterestFacebook