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mangoes and masks***

different images of me with mangoes and masks


how do i want to help people?

i want to inspire action and thought in people. i want to encourage intentionality, introspection, reflection, and the motivation to define your new normal, by unlearning limiting beliefs put on us by past generations and… #themedia.

what will i offer to help them do this?

a monthly, long-form email that encourages and inspires thought provoking dialogue with self, and between close friends.

who are these people? 

millennials like myself who want to surround themselves with positivity and encouragement to live a life without limits. they desire more out of life, and sometimes need a push to keep going.

why should they sign up for my list?

they should sign up for my list because this newsletter will help them believe in themselves. it’ll help them examine the bigger picture. it will challenge them and equip them with the tools to finally live the life they deserve.

how am i and my newsletter valuable?

we offer value by creating space for intentional and healthy dialogue around unlearning what keeps you stuck, actively going after the life you desire, and living without limits because you deserve to be free.

people tell me all the time in our intimate one-on-one convos that i have inspired or motivated them in some way with the things i’ve said. for years, friends and peers have been telling me to do something with these inspirational nuggets i spill out in these small settings with them. i’ve decided to channel these conversations into a newsletter, opening the inspirational and intentional dialogue to a larger audience.

people often want to know, how do i do it? how’d i move to nyc? how am i teaching myself french? how’d i learn yoga? how do i stay so damn… positive? and the list goes on…

if you’ve had a one-on-one with me, then you’ve maybe wondered these same things.

with mangoes and masks, it is my hope to inspire you to live without limits. to live your best life each and every day because that’s what you deserve. it’s what you were put on this earth for. even in your suffering, there is learning and gratitude taking space as well, and when you can acknowledge that, you’re that much closer to your breakthrough.

going through bullshit sucks. but, it opens the portal to new growth and understanding if you tune in.

see, it’s not about giving up because “they” don’t understand.

“they” didn’t understand when i:

  • decided to move to nyc despite being at a full-time job in nc, and in a relationship, with nothing lined up in nyc

  • abruptly left nyc to try life on the west coast

  • or when i left california to come back to nyc, right after getting into another new relationship

  • choose to work for what fuels my soul and creates impact vs any ol’ thing for a dollar

  • decide to pursue a global lifestyle instead of settling down

  • wanted to become a minimalist in the pursuit of more out of life

  • when i changed my diet, and changed it again

but i did all of those things anyway. and like always, i was supported in the end.

i’m an unconventional dreamer and lifer. and chances are, if you’re still reading this, then you are too. so come on, wind down with your mangoes, favorite face mask, and other fun things and let’s get the convo started.

what to expect:

  • monthly musing - newsletter topic

  • thought/discussion/journal prompt

  • something dope - something dope

  • health is wealth

    • tip/tool/or resource for better wellness


title: i just realized i turn 27 on my next birthday

sub: and that threw me tf off


  • emotions around aging

  • rollercoaster tycoon touch

  • look at how far you’ve come

  • prompts: where was i one year ago; where did i think i would be right now vs where i actually am; who can i reach out to to express my gratitude for a part they’ve played in my journey; what am i grateful for in this moment?

  • day one app

  • essay on aging in beauty

  • don’t take social media too serious. if it wasn’t about likes and followers - who would you be and how would you move? (blog post - originality is fleeting)


title: what that mouth do?

sub: i didn’t mean it like that… unless you gon’ do it.


  • self-talk; negative and positive

  • mindful speech

  • what you say is what you believe about yourself

  • i am…

title: 2018 has shown me, if you can see it…

sub: you can achieve it. [manifest your ideal life.]


  • it all started with a little meditation [link to and follow me on insight timer]

title: it’s time to change your perspective on fear

sub: new year, new mindset


title: commitment hurts. here’s why you should do it anyway

sub: ‘cause practice makes perfect, and other things…