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I believe authentic narratives make the best stories.

In order to have authentic narratives, there must be human connection, relevancy, and transparency. The idea isn’t to be different. It’s to stand firm in what you believe and let that pour into everything that you do at the highest level possible.

Together, I fuse data, strategy, and storytelling to offer authentic holistic marketing.

Holistic Brand Marketing for Indie Wellness + Beauty Brands

The Avenu is a Brand Marketing Consultancy that provides consulting, strategy, and brand marketing to indie wellness and beauty brands.

What do I do?

Consulting | Social Media Strategy | Email Marketing | Photography | Creative Direction | Web Design


Who do I work with?

I work with indie wellness and beauty brands, including some influencers. The people I work with tend to have some of these qualities:

  • have been in business for at least 1-2 years

  • skincare, wellness, and/or beauty brands

  • ready to be hands on and involved; together we become a team

  • ready to maximize their potential, meet their goals, and represent themselves/their brands accurately and authentically