What Gratitude Looks Like


🎶 sleep talking //ravyn lenae

My favorite mantras tend to certain around gratitude.

My today app sends me two reminders daily to practice gratitude.

My panda planner also asks me to jot down three things that I am grateful for each morning.

Cultivating this habit, of practicing gratitude daily is what I believe allows to me feel so centered, calm and overall blessed. 


imes get rough, i'll be the first to admit. but there's a strange power in being able to find gratitude in even the darkest of times. and i'm talking about dark times, like losing one of my best friends or quitting a job with no savings. 

yes, those are personal life examples. and somehow, in the midst of grief, pain, confusion and depression, i found a bit of gratitude. 

an attitude of gratitude brings opportunities.

this is one of the realest things i've ever experienced.

i'm grateful for the tiniest of things, which in the grand scheme of things are huge things - like waking up, having a safe place to sleep, and the opportunity to try again each day. see, those aren't anything fancy, like "i'm grateful for my tesla." but being grateful for the small things, are eventually going to manifest into me having my tesla. i don't even own a car anymore, however, i am beyond grateful to be able to get where i need to be. you see where i'm going?


so gratitude doesn't look like a magnitude of praises that you have to shout from the rooftop. you can simply write it in your journal, think it to yourself, or share it with one of your friends. 

today i am grateful for waking up in paris. i am grateful for the beautiful sleep i had my first night in paris. i am grateful for the opportunity to travel outside of the country for the very first time - and with my family at that.


i got locked out of our airbnb yesterday. my phone was almost dead, with my phone on airplane mode and no wifi. i wasn't scared or nervous. i found some wifi and text one of my best friends my location + info in case anything happened, but i was just being safe. in the midst of all that, i was grateful for the chance to practice not only gratitude, but mindfulness, and to really experience this beautiful city with no distractions. no distractions from my cell phone, my headphones, my camera. nothing. just exploring and taking it all in. i found a café, ordered a tea, and read my book. i had 1% left to capture a photo of my tea and view. but other than that, i experienced an hour of bliss. for that, i am grateful.