Week of Wellness Challenge | Join the Challenge with other #WellnessOmies

What is wellness?

Wellness is defined as the state or condition of being in good physical and mental health. Many things that we desire can be achieved once we begin to focus on our wellness. Things such as happiness, becoming stress-free, reaching our fitness goals, and overall becoming the person we’ve always wanted to be - in regards to our finances, our lifestyle choices, and our overall well being is all affected by wellness.

How do you achieve wellness?

We must make taking care of ourselves a priority. That’s it. 

It’s just like the speech the flight attendants give. “Before you save someone else, put your own air mask on first.” Taking care of ourselves is important, and it can also be fun! Taking care of yourself and aiming for good mental and physical health does not mean all the fun in life stops. It doesn’t mean you have to go vegan or eat a diet that you hate. It doesn’t mean that you have to participate in activities you don’t enjoy (like running) either. It simply means becoming more mindful about your daily actions and taking the steps to lead a healthier and more conscious lifestyle.

Join the Week of Wellness Challenge

I’ve put together a simple 7-day challenge to help you achieve wellness in your daily routine. We’ll be participating in this challenge in my new Facebook group, Wellness Omies - yes like homies, but Om, because, well, Om. More on that later.

Take a peek at what the days of our challenge will consist of, and sign up below for your free download of the Week of Wellness guide - with prompts and excerpts for each day!