The Alchemist


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I feel like The Alchemist is one of those books that everyone knows that they should read, but not exactly why. At least that’s how I felt. This was a book that was always in the back of my mind for ‘books to read’ but never really a priority, until one of my closest friends passed away.

It seemed like every time I asked someone, “so what’s it about?”, I’d get, “you just have to read it!”

It wasn’t until I was at one of my best friend’s apartment last year in late November or early December and saw The Alchemist on his counter. I was so excited and told him how I’ve always wanted to read it. He told me he reads it every year and it was about time for him to read it again, which is why he had it out.

A few weeks later, my friend passed away in an unexpected car crash.

I was devastated.

After his passing, whenever I’d go into a bookstore I had tunnel vision for The Alchemist; and I. could. not. find. It.

How could one of the most popular books on the planet be so hard to find?

Finally, in January, in a bookstore in Durham, NC I found it! A used copy in near perfect condition. I grabbed it so fast and ran straight to the register.

I didn’t begin reading it until I moved to Brooklyn in February. And I made sure to place the bookmark of my friend inside, where I will always keep it.


The Alchemist is ultimately about a boy on a journey to find and fulfill his destiny. With many obstacles on the way, he has to choose between perseverance or giving up.

This book has given me invaluable lessons to carry through life, and it was the perfect book to read upon moving to a city that my best friend and I both talked about taking on together in 2017.

The Alchemist has become a favorite of mine for more reasons than one. I think about it’s teachings everyday and am comforted with thoughts of my best friend and his tenacious outlook on life.

I’ll also be reading this book once a year. Now that I’ve read it, I can see how he was able to do it so easily. In just a few months I’ll be picking it up again, and I’m excited to see what it shows me next time around.

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I love you forever and always Chino!