Summer lovin' to Cuffin'

🎶 Matt Martians // Spend the Night / If You Were My GF

Alright… ima stop hoarding my playlists. Yay!!


Back in August while I was in Paris I was inspired by a song (not my life, a song - because this playlist in no way shape or form resembles my life haha). Anyway, I was inspired by a song and decided to create a playlist.

I guess this is also my way of presenting new playlists to my site that are not yoga-related.

Say whaaat?

I know that a lot of you who listen to my playlists actually listen to them more than just for your yoga classes or personal yoga practice, but while you drive, study, work, and I am hella grateful - truly!

I’ve fallen in love with creating these audio narratives that tell a story or stick to a particular theme. And this is one of many that I will be sharing with you all.

Summer lovin' to cuffin' is just that. We’ve all been there.

Summer is going great, you’ve got a little boo - and then, somehow, they stayed through to cuffin' season.

Well my friends, cuffin' season is upon us, so turn up your headphones and vibe out to these cuff-worthy tunes… or, if you’re not cuffin' or getting cuffed (aka me) then just reflect on a time when you were.