Skin Diary #1 | Week of Dec 25, 2016

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Disclaimer: At the time I created this skin diary concept I was not an esthetician or in school for esthetics yet. My terminology and skincare routine was not quite very developed yet. This has been an ongoing process. Sharing these skincare diary entries is very, very sensitive to me, but I believe my findings and journey will help someone. So here I am... being vulnerable.

Week of Dec 25, 2016

Sunday, Dec 25 - began using my aunt's Cetaphil Daily Facial Cleanser + Mac Mineralized Timecheck lotion

Tuesday, Dec 27, 3:46pm

  • breakouts on cheeks and forehead (noticed breakout around friday/saturday)

  • pimple type bumps, not really small zit like bumps...

In the past two weeks:

  • i've experienced stress, from the sudden and unexpected loss of a best friend

  • eaten a ramen diet without many fruits and veggies

  • moved out of my apartment (dust and dirt)