Radiate Your Day With Morning Yoga For Beginners

Yoga in the morning is an excellent way to start your day! And if it’s not in your schedule or morning routine to head to the yoga studio to get your morning yoga practice in, no worries - you can get an incredible yoga practice right at home.

Sun Salutation A is a very effective yoga sequence to get your morning yoga poses in for the day. Sun salutations lengthen, strengthen, and flex your muscles, giving you a full body workout. And what’s even better is that it doesn’t even have to take you a full hour to reap the benefits of this morning yoga practice.

In my ebook, All You Need to Confidently Get Started Doing Yoga, I cover all 3 types of sun salutations, when you should do them, how you should do them, and I even go over starting your yoga practice at home! Today I’m sharing with you a video that goes over the Sun Salutation A yoga sequence.

And of course, I have a good morning playlist for you to listen to while you practice. This playlist is 30 minutes long, giving you plenty of time to get your sun salutations in for the day as well as any other postures you’d like to work on. The best part is, once the playlist ends, you know your 30 minutes is up! No need to feel stressed keeping an eye on the clock.


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Listen to the Good Morning Yoga Playlist