My Favorite Winter Moisturizer

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Winter is one of my least favorite seasons for a few reasons, but mostly because I suffer from eczema. In the wintertime I always have to go OD with my moisture routine to prevent my eczema flare ups. Typically, my eczema is worst on my legs, but in the wintertime I can get flare ups on my legs, elbows, and hands. It very much so annoying and irritating.

Other than an occasional hand lotion, most of my body products are natural or handmade - at least I try to keep it that way. My skin is dry year-round, but what I use in the other seasons of the year don't even come close to cutting it in the winter. And it seems like every time winter comes around again I forget that until I'm super dry, itchy, and the flare ups appear again.

I've been traveling back and forth from Charlotte to NYC and packing light has done more harm than good for my moisture routine, especially in such a cool place. Now that I'm traveling more I'm learning how I need to approach my travel toiletries so that I can do what's best for my skin at all times. I'll go more into this in another post.

Now, normal lotion is not going to cut it for me. It just won't. My favorite winter moisturizer is shea butter! In the summer, aloe vera gel and coconut oil are my friends but in the winter I need something a bit more.

After I start getting my wintertime flare ups, I pull out my shea butter, and within a few days I notice my skin starting to feel smoother, stay moisturized longer, and my flare ups disappear. I've been doing this every winter for the past few years with no issues. If you experience severe dry skin in the winter I definitely suggest giving shea butter a try. You can find it in many beauty supply stores, anywhere African products are sold, or online. This is what works for me, I cannot guarantee that it will work the same for you.

I use shea butter on not just my body but my face as well. Yes, I use this thick butter on my face, but no worries, shea butter is a 0 on the comedogenic (acne causing) scale, which means that it does not clog pores. My nose and forehead can get really dry in the winter and once again, shea butter to the rescue! Usually using shea butter once a day when I get out of the shower does the trick for me, face and body.

What are your wintertime moisture staples?