Listening to: Steve Lacy

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In case you aren’t familiar with Steve Lacy you honestly, truly, should be. Not only is he a member of The Internet - he produces mind blowing tracks for Syd, Matt Martians, J. Cole and more.

Steve Lacy is young, talented and fine. Can I have some of your love, your love…

He releases his first solo project, The Sound Series on February 24 and I couldn’t be happier. You’ll be able to find me with my headphones in crying magical, torrential tears of joy on this day.

Until then, follow Bae Lacy on Soundcloud if you’d also like a euphoric eargasm.

Listening to Steve Lacy is like laying on a hammock with warm sun and a soft, cool breeze caressing your skin, sipping on your favorite drink, while adorned in rose quartz. It’s that deep. I wouldn’t lie to you.

p.s. will someone please here my cry for Steve Lacy gifs?!