Social Sunday: Save the Art

This past Sunday, I attended Social Sunday at Social Status, a Sneaker and apparel boutique in Charlotte, NC. The event consisted of a fashion show, live art, food, and music. One of the artists happened to be a friend of mine, Justin Surgeon. I caught some shots of him live painting his "Black Bart" piece.

Today I was listening to Joel Olsteen's most recent podcast, Use It or Lose It - and after a conversation with my friend Kiara (pictured below) Sunday after the event, hearing this message was perfect timing. We talked about watching Justin growing as an artist and watching him thrive in his element. It truly is inspiring to see ones close to you set out on doing what they love - and it reminds us to live out our dreams each day too.

The podcast has an excellent message on taking advantage of the gifts God has given you, and growing your talents, staying passionate, and understanding that there is no need to compete with anyone about the gifts God has given you.

Be passionate about your dreams. Don't be fearful of your own greatness.

Your talents are yours. Your dreams are yours. If you're always making excuses and waiting for the perfect moment to use them, or share it with others, your time may never come. We're only a couple days in, but 2016 has been full of incredible energy. I'm so motivated to live my life daily full of intention, and making the best out of each and everyday.

I asked Justin what #SaveTheArt meant to him, and why he started this movement:

"I began the #SaveTheArt Movement initially to represent my "rebirth" back into creating and making art; seeing that I had took a long break from it and certain circumstances prevented me from doing some things that I loved so dearly before. But over the weeks/months it has evolved to pertain to much more than just myself. I use the movement now to literally attempt to save the art. For a while I felt as if people didn't really care too much about art or the culture unless it was placed on a t-shirt. I really just want to restore the value of art in the minds of our peers. We may come and go but our Art will be here FOREVER. So with that being said I will continue to shed light on this avenue of creativity and do my best to make my art more desirable than ever!"


- Justin Surgeon

Founder of Inigma Productions

Luke 19:26, “To those who use well what they are given, even more will be given. But to those who are unfaithful, even what little they have will be taken away.”

All artwork below is by Justin, also pictured below. And thanks Kiara for taking some of these great shots (like the few of me)! :)

"Don't let fear keep you from your destiny."

The event was a great start to the week with friends, and this podcast was perfect fuel for cranking out the rest of my week with intention. How do you stayed motivated throughout the week? What gifts could you be using more of? I'd like to share more about my passion and understanding for yoga. I also need to find my way back into painting. Maybe I'll find a way to connect the two. Let me know in the comments or on Twitter what gifts of yours you want to grow, nourish, and share.

Follow Justin and support the #SaveTheArt movement:

IG: @Inigma___