Removing the Mask: Becoming Me

SeQuoya Graduation Photographs-54.jpg

If you know me, or read my old blog, Quoy Love, then you may be wondering two things.. 1) WTH have you been? And 2) What happened to Quoy Love???

Well, thanks for being so concerned! To make things short and sweet, I was tried of redefining who Quoy Love was and I completely believe my blog was going though an identity crisis. Being a millennial with a blog, you're pretty much obligated to be on social media. But when I tell you I was drowning, I was drowning, and this is coming from a girl who can swim. Mmm, weird connection, moving on!

I had to remove myself from the masses of things because it was getting hard to think for myself and even navigate in my own direction. Marketing messages coming from every direction: companies, brands, even my own peers, it got overwhelming - and I got lost.

Quoy Love was no longer fun because with every new blogging trend, I felt like I needed to recreate myself to fit in. I honestly can't even tell you what I was trying to do, because I'm not sure myself. So I squashed it.

Through taking some time for myself and not getting caught up in blogging or even being active on social media so much, I chose to be more intentional about understanding myself. I took the time to understand what I have to offer. Yea, not blogging ever again crossed my mind… a lot. But I realized not blogging anymore wasn't the answer to my problem. I had to go back to why I was blogging, what did I want to get out of it? And you know what, that answer still stems back to what it was when I started Quoy Love. To be myself, the tall, "weird", artsy black girl who isn't afraid to be herself - and in hopes of me being shamelessly myself, I hope I can inspire someone else to take pride in living in their truth as well.

All I hope to do is share with you a piece of the way I live my life, and through that I hope it inspires someone, anyone, even just one person, to travel someplace new, listen to a new song or artist, pick up a book, try yoga, or just love life a little more all because you want to for you.

Thanks for joining me on this blogging journey again. I hope you choose to stick around!

Photography:Aurelius Creates