#SQAsounds: Favorite Songs of 2015

In case you're familiar with me from blogging on Quoy Love, then you're familiar with my appreciation for music. I ended each blog post with the song I was listening to while I wrote and published the post. I felt it gave the blog post a more personalized and complete touch, by not just inviting you with my thoughts, but my mood as well. I compiled all of these songs into two playlists: Quoy Love 2014 and Quoy Love 2015. Now I bring you #SQAsounds.

Monthly Playlists - #SQAsounds

Now what I'll be doing is still showing my gratitude for the art form, but monthly. And since 2015 is nearing it's end, I thought what better way to kick off my monthly playlists, which I call #SQAsounds than with some of my favorite jams of 2015.

Compiling this list was hard because I realized that I brought a lot of music from 2014 into 2015 with me, but nonetheless, 2015 was an incredible year for artists, and I was blessed enough to discover lots of new artists with unbelievable talent.

In my mind, a goal of mine that isn't on my 100 goals list is to be a DJ like the Sol angel herself. So I'll just start here, on my blog, ha!


Vibe with me as we reminisce on 2015…