Prince Forever

You could've told me that Prince was going to die two days after my birthday and I wouldn't believe you for a second.  

This morning the world lost an honest soul.

An endearing human being.

A passionate creative.

Talent doesn't even begin to encompass what this man possessed. Prince is far more than a legend. He's touched my life since I first laid eyes on him as a little girl. When I first saw him I loved him. And now that I'm thinking about it, he probably inspired my favorite color being purple. That makes me smile.

Back in second grade. I always tell people this. We had a substitute teacher. She asked the whole class who our favorite singer was. Scurried thoughts in my mind, I tried to quickly decide between two, and I just couldn't - so when she got to me I said, "Prince and Michael Jackson, but especially Prince". I secretly felt bad for favoring Prince over Michael, but I did. It was something about Prince, and I connected to it, even that young. I loved who he was - confident, raw, a passionate human being. Seeing him on TV just lit me up. The sub looked at me shocked, and asked if I really knew about Prince and MJ. I told her yes! That I watch VH1!

Today when I found out about his untimely death, I was walking through uptown Charlotte on my lunch break. I was scrolling through Twitter when someone tweeted "why is tmz saying Prince is dead?". I remembered this past weekend, at the airport in New York, my mom told me he had an emergency landing for medical reasons. I was shocked. But I didn't get any major updates after that so I assumed he was better.

Fast forward to today, on Twitter...

The Google fingers moved sooo fast! I HAD to see what this foolery was that tmz was reporting.

A fatality at his estate. But no confirmation for who it was. That was all.

So of course, I'm in denial. Real denial.

I texted all my friends. And my musically inclined homie called me, and I knew what it was about. We both spoke about how we couldn't believe it and we're waiting on a better source before we freaked out. Even though we weren't saying it - we were definitely already freaking out.

About 10 minutes later, his publicist confirmed his passing.

I literally felt - first, my feet, ankles, and then my knees go weak. I found the closest place to sit, called my mom and weeped.

I cried y'all, real tears.

I have never been so hurt over a celebrity death.

You guys even know Aaliyah is my favorite singer, and I didn't cry when she passed. I was in too much shock and denial for way too long. I do get emotional now, so I'll stop right here.

But Prince, dawg...

I've always, and I mean always loved him, and never strayed from loving him.

This day NEVER crossed my mind.

Growing up I had influences who made me love him even more. I'm talking die hard fans! People whose life decisions, even down to painting the walls in their homes were inspired by Prince himself. He was always around, all ways.

But I look around and I'm so grateful. Everywhere, people have been paying their respects, and honoring Prince the way he deserves. I am so full.

I'm currently sitting in Chili's drinking a strawberry margarita and ordering to-go because it's too late to get food anywhere else. Halftime Report is on, and even they are paying tribute with his songs playing in the background and accent purple lighting. This makes me so happy.

Even Google has animated purple rain.

Prince is a wonderful man. I'll love him forever.

I'm saddened because I never got the chance to see him perform live, and I never will. Same goes for Aaliyah. And this, is why I started going to concerts like crazy. I cannot let my favorite artists leave this earth without me singing with them. I can't let this continue happening to me.

Now that Prince is gone, my eyes are open even more. I realize what all he's taught me. To be unapologetically myself. To believe in the longevity and importance of true art. To never settle, and always be breathtaking. And to make sure I leave my mark in this world.

Oh, and I'll let you know now. I am getting the Prince symbol tattoo.