Add Happiness

I've got a lot going on. And I've been learning a lot. I'm trying to slow down and do things that matter which will add more happiness to my life.  

I get confused, I change my mind, I try new things, I also get scared to change old habits.

I'd like to say that I'm going through a breakthrough journey, ha! I've been having a lot of breakthroughs lately. I try to stay mindful and keep more peace in my life, and I'm getting better.

As an introvert, I tend to absorb everything - other people's emotions and problems, and it is very draining. It's not a shock that I tend to hide and stay to myself. But above everything else, I have a message to share, and as I grow and learn everyday, I want to help you in any way I can.

I'll be writing about my goals again, breaking them down each month, week by week. I just started this method about 3 weeks ago so I will be back in May with my updates from this month.

It's such an interesting feeling, when you feel yourself change. I can mostly attribute this change to slowing down and putting what's important in my life first.

Stop. Take a breath, and look at your life. Look at the things and people around you. Think of a way you can add more happiness to your life. Is it slowing down? Could it be creating weekly goals? Or maybe adding some self-care into your daily routine, yes I said daily, be selfish with yourself.

Let me know what you do, or are thinking about, I'd really like to know, I may even try something new!