5 Reasons to Include Reading in Your Daily Routine

I've always loved reading, or let my mom tell it, I didn't love reading until she forced me to read Holes before I could see the movie. Either way, that was my childhood, and I'm so grateful that my mom bought me more books than toys. I have my mom to credit for a lot of my good habits today, and reading just happens to be one of them. I used to always look at her large collection of books and would be so intrigued at the conversations she'd have around her life reads. This brings me to why I wanted to share some cool reasons to pick up a book or magazine, and include some reading in your daily routine.  

No book, no problem

Times have changed, and reading today doesn’t quite have to be like it used to. Though I love the smell of a good book and feeling the pages against my fingers, its not for everybody. Now with options like Kindle, iPads, and iPhones, with the download of an app, you've got access to a full library at your fingertips. Without leaving your bed, school, or doctors office, you can buy a new book and start reading right away.

Don't get me wrong, I love technology, and have purchased a couple of books with my Kindle app. They provide cool options like highlighting, and being able to refer back to those highlighted pages without flipping through each page. A book won't let you do that. Even a great magazine is another option to fulfill your daily reading.

Travel the world

My mom has always been afraid to fly (until her recent trip to Las Vegas which has sparked her wanderlust). When I was younger, she would tell me how she's traveled the world through all the books she's read. I was always fascinated by this. I took that into my own reading, and have learned about so many different experiences, cultures, and lives just from the books I've read. I believe this has helped me form a more well rounded, and less judgmental view on the world.

Stimulate your mind

Plenty of times I've read books where I had to use my context clues or crack open a dictionary to learn the definition of a term. Reading can definitely expand your vocabulary, and even help you become a better writer. Overtime you'll probably start reading faster and even understanding what you've read quicker.

Continued learning

From fiction, nonfiction, autobiographies, to self-help, there's always something to learn to grow your mindset, skills, and even change your perspective for the better. We'll never know everything, but it definitely pays to stay a student.

Fall asleep easier

I read about the poor effects that the blue and white lighting from computer and phone screens had on your ability to fall asleep years ago while reading Seventeen magazine. And even with all of the technology updates since then, nothing has changed. Reading a book, on real paper, can help you develop a calming nighttime routine to help you experience a more relaxing sleep.

These are just 5 ways I've noticed reading to be beneficial in my life, but there are tons more. I plan on 2016 to become the start of me reading 52 books in 52 weeks. That's right, one book for every week of the year. It's definitely going to be challenging but I'm ready for it. Before college, I easily read a new book each week (unless I really didn't want it to end) so I want to get back into those habits. I'll elaborate more on this later.

Are you a reader? What is your favorite book? What's on your to-read list? And how have you noticed your life improve from including reading in your routine? Let me know in the comments or on Twitter, I'd love to chat books!

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