Soothe + Heal during Times of Adversity

As you know, I live in Charlotte, NC where a lot of protests have been taking place this week after police shot and killed Keith Lamont Scott on Tuesday; shortly after Terence Crutcher was also shot and killed by police last Friday. Physically I am safe, mentally, I am doing my best to be okay.

Every time someone is killed my heart hurts. When people are taken before their time, especially by those who you grew up to believe you should call on for help and protection, is just very draining to deal with.

I am a black woman - who loves and adores black people. I shouldn’t look into the eyes of the black men I love and wonder if it is going to be the last time I see them. So I don’t. I send them off with positivity and love and pray that they carry that energy with them everywhere they go. It has always been my mission to include the well being of black men in all that I do with yoga and everything else that I’ll go on to do.

It is so easy to get sucked into all that is going on and it takes a toll on your spirit and mental space.

Scrolling on social media and watching the news can cause lots of mental stress. As a believer in love, compassion, unity and wellness, I wanted to share with you a few ways to protect your mental space during this time:

  • Meditate
  • Try yoga
  • Journal - write out whatever comes to mind, without the intent of anyone ever seeing it. Spill out your truth, vent, and then let it go.
  • Spend some time with yourself
  • No social media before bed
  • Do not read the comments - i repeat, do not read the comments
  • Only respond to positivity
  • Only promote positivity
  • Practice ahimsa
  • Support black businesses
  • Support one another
  • Love one another

I also created a new playlist for you to listen to throughout the day to help lift your spirits. This playlist is called Soothe + Heal. You don’t necessarily have to practice yoga to this playlist, as it is very long and not in any particular order. This will be an ongoing playlist that I will continue to add to. Soothe + Heal is composed of songs by black artists with messages intended to help you heal and soothe your soul during times of adversity.

I am also creating a private community called Wellness Omies, you can join this community via the private facebook group.

Over the next few days I will be updating the group, and we will be starting a 7-day challenge encouraging wellness in our lives for 7 days. I have a lot in store from this group from yoga, meditation and wellness. If this sounds like something you’d like to be a part of, please click the link to join. 

I appreciate you, and I love you.