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Yoga with SQA - Playlist no. 3

mood: chill hop + love infused

Y'all. This is my favorite playlist yet.

In my class I taught Wednesday night, two people were rolling up their mats and said, "Um.. can you send me that playlist?" GIRL, YES I CAN!!!

It gets me so pumped when people enjoy the music I put together for a yoga class. I mean it is an hour long, you might as well enjoy what you're listening to right? 

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#SQAsounds: Love Fest

Oh, February. Black History Month. The groundhog didn't see his shadow. And love is in the air. This month I dedicated the playlist to some love tunes. This is an easygoing and smooth playlist featuring the ethereal art of those like Miguel, Alina Baraz and Jill Scott. I've also come across some new music on Soundcloud that I can't get enough of, like Sonya Teclai and I had to include her on the playlist.

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#SQAsounds: Favorite Songs of 2015

In case you're familiar with me from blogging on Quoy Love, then you're familiar with my appreciation for music. I ended each blog post with the song I was listening to while I wrote and published the post. I felt it gave the blog post a more personalized and complete touch, by not just inviting you with my thoughts, but my mood as well. I compiled all of these songs into two playlists: Quoy Love 2014 and Quoy Love 2015. Now I bring you #SQAsounds.

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