Breakfast Tings

🎶: MORON by Steve Lacy

I luhh me some oatmeal. But it's a new love affair that started in January right before I moved to NYC. I was visiting my friend April and she let me try her sister's gluten free oatmeal that she left at her apartment. I dated a guy some years ago that swore by oatmeal, and he said that's how we'd get to live to be really old is if we eat oatmeal for breakfast, because that's what healthy old people eat...

Anyway, when I tried it then I was not a fan. It tasted like mush.

But since my diet changes over the past year or so, I've expanded my taste pallette, and oatmeal is officially on the menu.

I like to buy the basic oatmeal and customize to my liking. I'm the queen of this-seems-tasty-throw-it-together meals.

This oatmeal bowl consisted of:

  • plain oatmeal

  • bananas

  • apples

  • blueberries

  • kind vanilla blueberry clusters

  • sprinkled cinnamon

  • drizzled honey

and of course, my hot tea... this morning i was drinking the skin detox tea from yogi tea.