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All You Need to Confidently Get Started Doing Yoga

All You Need to Confidently Get Started Doing Yoga

"It looks hard. I'm not flexible."

"I wanna try but I always do the moves wrong.", "Laziness.",  "It's expensive.", "Not feeling adequate enough to participate in some moves, the time, the cost.", "Feeling singled out in class.", "Not knowing what the heck I'm doing and feeling like I'm not doing it right! Lack of results..."

Sound familiar?

These are real responses I've received from people when I ask them, why they haven't started yoga yet.

If you're interested in yoga, but haven't tried it yet, what's holding you back?

A lot of times people don't try yoga out of fear, laziness, and a lack of resources. Fear, that you cannot do it "correctly", and will end up embarrassed. Laziness because sometimes you lack the motivation to even try. And lack of resources because classes can be very expensive, and sometimes the yoga gear is too.

These are all very reasonable and understanding reasons to not try yoga. I totally get it. But I don't want you to feel like you have to hold back anymore. Yoga has changed my life immensely, and you will hear me say often that, "yoga is life". And that's because it is.

Why do people do yoga?

Often times, yoga starts for people as a physical practice, and a way to relieve stress. It did for me anyway. I knew nothing about the spiritual component that yoga had to offer. For me it started with an Instagram challenge, and then I started attending a weekly class at my gym (not very consistently, but I went when I could). And eventually, the more captions I read about yoga changing people's live. The more mantras I heard by teachers in class. The more I started to practice mindfulness on my mat. The more I started living it in real life.

I know, you're probably thinking. "That's cool, but, I still need to know how to get started."


How to get started doing yoga with confidence

I've put together a 38 page digital guide telling you all about the things you need to confidently get started doing yoga. I cover everything from:

  • what is yoga
  • why you should do yoga
  • the basic poses you need to know to not feel singled out in class (and will also help you build to more advanced poses)
  • what you should take with you to a yoga class
  • how to get started doing yoga at home
  • yoga vocab so you can follow right along when your teacher tells you to vinyasa through to downward facing dog

I teach a lot of beginner yogis, and I love every second of it. I've paid very close attention to which words people get caught up on, and also listen to their questions and requests for advancing their practice. I created this guide to give you peace of mind to journey confidently in your yoga practice.

You can also check out my Get Started page for more blog posts on helping you with your yoga journey. I also create videos on Youtube with Yoga Tips to teach you different ways to incorporate a yoga practice into your lifestyle, like 5 yoga poses for tight achilles tendons, and yoga poses you can do in the bed for a better night's sleep. If you have any videos you'd like to see, send me a video request!

Fear, laziness, and a lack of resources do not have to be the things that hold you back from beginning a yoga practice. Yoga is for every body, and luckily it is has become very accessible over the years. And as you journey, remember that yoga poses are tools, not goals, to help you live a better life.

Journey freely.


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