30+ Black Male Yogis to Follow on Instagram

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I say it all the time. Yoga has changed my life. The number one reason I became a yoga instructor was to show others that yoga can change their lives too. I want others to feel the impact of what a lifestyle of yoga can do for you.

Yoga is life.

Now, I’ve spoken with plenty of guys who feel that yoga is a bit too feminine for them. It’s too slow, too boring, not challenging enough, oh and the winner, “I can’t touch my toes!”.

Yoga is for everybody. Say it with me now: EVERY BODY. Every shape, size, color, and gender. All people can do yoga - even if you can’t touch your toes. And to prove my point, I’ve searched the third most popular social media platform (behind Facebook and Youtube) to create a list of black male yogis who do yoga.

Melanated men do yoga.

These men are amazing. They are husbands, fathers, sons, brothers, athletes, business owners, and of course, yogis! Here are 30+ black men to follow on Instagram who do yoga:

1. Peter - @peter_yogafit 

2. Ally B - @iambliving

3. DJ Townsel - @dade2shelby

4. Travis Watkins - @traviswatkins67

5. Ross Oscar Knight - @rossoscarknight

6. KB - @king.keeton

7. JHE - @gifted_nupe

8. Jordan Coburn - @movementbyjordan

9. EJ (E.L.R) Russell - @by_elr

10. Dez Udezue - @barbell.yogi

11. Ahmad - @ahmadfar72 

12. Brandon Copeland - @brandoflows

13. Cosmonaut Palmer - @cosmonaxt

14. Kofi Hereu Adowa - @kofiheru

15. YogaSthenics® - @yogasthenics

16. Weni - @weniit

17. Secure Wilson - @mr_secure

18. A. Freeman - @yoga_within9

19. Senmakhu - @senmakhu

20. Brandon Atum - @brandon.atum

21. Ryan Xavier Mitchell - @memphisyogi

22. Mychal A. Bryan - @thefurnitureyogi

23. Brother FreshAir - @brotherfreshair

24. Steven Rousseau - @brownstonewellness

25. Kemetic Yogi - @kemeticyogi

26. Ultra Fuego Yoga - @ultrafuegoyoga

27. Gene Williams - @premierfitnessmemphis

28. Rich Thurman MA, CSCS, CPT - @coach_rt3

29. K Wilkie - @misterkw

30. James Roberts IV - @jamesroberts96

31. BOS - @gustavo_fit

32. Jamaal Griggs - @j.griggs

33. SuperHumanYogi - @superhumanyogi

34. jean-jacques gabriel - @JeanJacquesGabriel

35. Mr. Melanin - @fivefour321

36. Saiyan Yogi - @iron_yogi06

So fellas, if you're hesitant to begin practicing yoga, here are 30+ black male yogis to follow on Instagram for motivation!

If you want to be added to the list, or see someone not yet included, please comment the Instagram handle below!