What to Bring to Your First Yoga Class

If you're attending your first yoga class, you may have a few questions, starting with, what do I even bring?! You'll be excited to know that you probably already own everything on this list. This is a good thing because it won't cost you hundreds of dollars to start yoga!

Water bottle

This is especially true if you are attending your first hot yoga class. The first time I went to hot yoga, I was that person who forgot her water bottle. I felt like I was going to fall out and melt into a steamy little puddle on my mat. I was miserable! And with the extreme temperature difference from the yoga room and the rest of the gym, it wasn't in my best interest to leave out and go to the water fountain. Please, please, learn from my mistake and make sure you always bring a water bottle to a yoga class, any yoga class you attend. You'll thank me later.

Yoga mat (if you have one)

If you have your own yoga mat, try to bring it to class. This isn't very important, but it can be overlooked. Some students are true beginners and if your yoga studio is in a gym perhaps, you may have a super newbie stopping by to check it out for the first time and has no idea if they have any interest in yoga. You bringing your mat can make sure those who don't own one at all still get a mat. I've also been to a yoga studio where if you didn't have a yoga mat, you had to pay to rent one from the studio. And if you continue to go without your own mat, this is going to add up and get pretty pricey. To save yourself from this, you can bring your own mat!

Helpful tip: if you know you don't do yoga at home, a good way to not forget your mat for class is to leave it in your car! I have more than one yoga mat, so I keep one at home and another in my car. So whenever yoga calls, I'm ready!

Comfortable clothes

You do not need to go drop hundreds of dollars on new yoga attire. But hey, if you got it like that, by all means, go ball out on some nice yoga clothes! But if you're first starting, you more than likely have plenty of options in your closet. A pair of leggings or shorts and a t-shirt is a great option. Workout pants and a workout top are also a good option. And don't worry about matching, it's really okay. Yogis wear all sorts of things to class, you'd be surprised.

Helpful tip: keep in mind the type of class you're going to. If you're going to hot yoga for example, you don't want to wear sweatpants and a sweater. The material is too thick and you'll feel miserable. Read about Katie's first yoga class and you'll see what I mean. If it's cold out and you want to layer up and then change, that's fine, but remember to think about the environment, temperature, and dress accordingly.

An open mind

Most importantly, when coming to your first yoga class, a new yoga class, or class in general, come with an open mind. Beginning your yoga journey is a life changing experience, so come excited, and ready to have a good time! So what if you can't bend over and touch your toes, or you can't get into a full split anymore. The beauty of yoga is - you don't have to! Your yoga journey will teach you so much about yourself and you'll be fascinated to know that yoga asanas are tools, not goals.

Notice I didn't say you need to bring flexibility, upper arm strength, or anything out of the ordinary to your first class. Keep these few tips in mind when going to your first yoga class and you'll be fine. Enjoy your journey. Namaste.

Photo: Aurelius Creates | Graphic: SQA