not your average storyteller. 

i am an artist.

and i create and share stories.

I’m Sequoya Dakota and I currently reside in Brooklyn, NY.

See it all started when I was a kid. By the time I was old enough to hold a pencil, I began my first relationship with art: coloring, which then turned into drawing, painting, and nearly every art class spanning Winston Salem, NC on into my adolescent years.

Ever since my first Author’s Day in the first grade, and I wrote a book about rainbows, I knew I loved writing, the elements of a story, and that I wanted to create and tell more. In my spare time I’d write (very emo) poems, short stories, B5 fan fictions (don’t judge me, they were lit and I wish fan fictions would come back in style), and probably close to 100 unfilled journals.

Now, the big kicker is… I was a straight-A student in elementary and middle school, but I kept FAILING the end-of-year writing tests! I couldn’t wrap my head around it. I started resenting the writing process altogether. I couldn’t understand why in my free time, writing was so seamless and flowed naturally, while standardized testing made me doubt myself.

In college, my art form pivoted, and took shape in the digital space (thankfully I had been an avid Paintshop user since middle school), so the transition was easy. It was the summer of 2010 in my summer school writing class when I got my spark back for writing and began my first blog, Naturally SQA.


Throughout college, my artistry and storytelling evolved some more. Now, photography is added into the mix. I could share visual narratives to get my point across, to make people feel what I feel, and see what I see.

Still blogging, multiple name changes and platforms later - I enroll in Yoga Teacher Training (YTT) in January of 2016. I thought my life was changed when I began practicing in 2013, but I was really in for a treat now. 

May 2016, I added yoga to my blog to market my yoga teaching offerings and to gain experience before I graduated YTT. A few blog posts, playlists, and one video in, I had experienced the most success yet. Only 3 months into blogging (about yoga) and I gained more views, feedback, and engagement than all my years of blogging combined. And then it hit me. I finally understood why my previous blogs didn’t work as well and why this one was so sought-after.

Images by The Creative Gentleman

It was bigger than just me and my experiences. My blogs have always had purpose; I’ve always been very intentional. But now, my blog was about something bigger than me. It wasn’t about “me” per se. Sure, I am the vessel with the experiences but now, my reason for blogging was the same as it was for teaching. I wanted to inspire people of color to try yoga, a practice they normally don’t feel welcomed to do. I knew I wanted to position this content to feel inviting and not intimidating, which yoga is so often seen as (to us), which meant that I had to create content unlike what was already out there.

YTT taught me that there is so much story and evolution in the ups, downs, and flows of a yoga class. And that is what inspired me to create intentional playlists for yoga that are designed to flow with the pace and heart rate levels of a class.

And now, here we are years later. Maybe it’s my love for The Sims that seeks to create new worlds where people can find solace, understanding, and community. It might even be my burning desire to shape people’s lives around holistic wellness. Or perhaps it’s my undying need to help businesses maximize their potential online + IRL by zooming out and seeing the big picture in order to have an authentic narrative with their audience.

Whatever it is. It makes me happy. So I do it all day - everyday.

And if you’re still reading this, you’re certainly my hero. I thank you, and I love you. I wish I had something to give you, but all I have right now is my gratitude. While I get my gift giving abilities together, feel free to have this playlist that I’m only sharing here, and not making look very obvious, because YOU deserve (this playlist is on Apple Music, if you want it on Spotify, shoot me an email: sequoyadakota@gmail.com). I value all of my readers, but the ones who really read and not just skim hold a special place in my heart. Btw, this is one of my personal playlists that I only share with friends to help remind us that we are indeed, that bitch. I honestly believe that this playlist played a tremendous role in helping me in manifest everything that I desired in 2018. I’m not saying that to get you to go and listen; I’m just saying that because organizing music intentionally, and listening to it mindfully, is very, very powerful. If you do choose to listen, all I ask is that you please add the playlist to your library because it’ll let me know that you’re listening and it will ensure that you always have the most up-to-date version. It’ll make my day and I hope the playlist makes yours too!

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Sequoya Dakota is a social media strategist, marketing manager, and content creator working in New York City. Her specialties are: yoga, skincare, creative direction and digital storytelling.

Modern Bohemian. Proud millennial. Nomad. INFP-T. Aries-Taurus cusp. Bookworm.

Sequoya possesses a marketing degree and business entrepreneurship certificate from the University of North Carolina Charlotte, she is RYT 200 certified from GoalYoga, and graduated from Aveda Institute New York for Esthetics.

She believes in living a minimalist lifestyle, staying culturally and globally aware, practicing daily rituals for supreme wellbeing, and staying #mindfulAF.

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