Sequoya Dakota, formerly known as SQA is a wellness enthusiast, yoga teacher and esthetician living in Sacramento, California. Born and raised in North Carolina, Sequoya began her journey in New York City in February of 2017, moving to the West Coast in September of 2017. 

Modern Bohemian. Proud millennial. Nomad. INFP-T. Aries-Taurus cusp. Bookworm. Unapologetically black and weird simultaneously.

Sequoya possesses a marketing degree from the University of North Carolina Charlotte, RYT 200 certification from GoalYoga, a graduate from Aveda Institute New York. With a natural knack for all things wellness, it was inevitable that Sequoya made the switch from marketing to wellness full time and full force. 

One conversation with Sequoya and you will understand the fiery passion burning within her of living life through wellness by the things you eat, your mental habits, your physical practice, journaling and simply taking care of yourself. She believes in living a minimalist lifestyle, feeding your soul and surroundings with the things and people most important to you, your space and your health.

Blogging since 2010, her message has always centered around natural living, artistic expression, and living life with intention, no matter which platform she happens to grace.

Sequoya lives by the mantra, “the journey awakens the soul”, inspiring everyone she encounters to embrace the journey and live your best life.

When Sequoya is not working or learning, you can find her reading a book while listening to soothing trap music and sipping on a tall glass of alkaline water.